boxofchris replied to your photo: “Recently completed commission!”:
Wait, did you do this or did you comissioned someone else to?

I drew iiiit! .o.

Recently completed commission!

I was wondering if you could give me some tips for anatomy? I seen saw of your art and it's really good😊👍. Right now I am working on skeletons and I am working on the skull, but figuring out the basic shapes needed to draw it can be diffulcult so whatever info you can provide would be appreciated 😊🐴 p.s. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

OH MAN Thank you! I hope you’re having a lot of fun with learning.

Lessee, I’m gonna go ahead and link you to some of the tutorials I’ve found to be SUPER HELPFUL:

Here’s a how-to on heads

PROKO is a Youtube channel jampacked with gold

Really good breakdowns of all the body parts

And of course drawing from photos of real people is gonna be your best friend, so here are a couple I use often. Warning: Nudity.

- Pick a pose, then you can view it from a bunch of angles!

- Figure and Gesture drawing tool with timed pictures

I hope some of this helps! And good luck! 

Dinner is served

Emm would be a space “entrepreneur” with her bro, and eventually find herself reluctantly recruited on a high-class ship where she befriends the ship idiot, Chip. 

Where is the feeling colourless post that anon talked about? If you don't mind, could you link me? Please and thank you<3

a spaceAU where Emm’s hobby is collecting the most kitschy items the universe has to offer. 

Excuse you, you are amazing. good bye!

blows kis

At what age did you start media/computer art?


I’ve dabbled since I was like IDK 10 or something. But I didn’t get SUPER into drawing until the Once-ler fandom. So. 2012? Drawing for askblogs and just being constantly inspired is so so good for improvement, dang. 

I just wanted to tell you that your add on to the 'feeling colorless' post meant a lot to me... it's hard to explain but it brought me to tears and I just thought I should thank you

oh dude… You’re welcome.

Go forth and love yourself awesomely, bro. 

I really liked it when emm had a pixie cut and that bandana thing. I'm just like: Dear Saint Anthony, she so perdy!!!!!!!!!!!(◡‿◡✿)


That’s my favorite Emm look, too! 8,)) she looks like a little sassy porcupine.