Well… It’s time… I’m tucking in 72 with one last goodnight kiss. 

This applies primarily towards 72’s main, though Emm is likely to remain inactive as well. 72 Survivor will take more of a backseat roll until I can finish his arc. All of these accounts may pop back in every once in a blue moon for little RPs, but other than that, they’re pretty much retired.

It’s been an absolutely fantastic run. I’ve accomplished more than I ever dreamed, and changed more than I ever thought possible all because of a pair of arms—all because you guys liked my dumb pair of arms. I can’t possibly convey how greatful I am to every single person that’s been a part of 72’s life.

I’ve got enough wonderful memories to last me a life time. I remember jumping into the askblog circuit for the first time. I didn’t know what I was doing. Once-ler? Yeah he’s cool. Rhyming? Sure, why not. Sassy? Always gotta have a dash of that. I guess somehow that kooky 72 formula caught on. I adored answering asks and had a blast with every single magic anon. I smiled every time someone liked something or expressed their love for him. I clutched my heart in happiness every time I was able to inspire someone. That kept me going. I remember the first time this crazy kid—some youngentrepreneur dude—said hello and how excited he was to get that cactus. Then how intimidated I felt to talk to Dave, his awesome secretary. How close I got to those two and how many hardships they held my hand through. I remember practically bawling in the middle of a computer lab because Norma wrote a fanfiction where 72 died of cancer. It was a mixture of sobbing from the content and weeping from the fact that someone was inspired by something I was doing. I remember screaming the first time I got to talk to Swag and screaming even louder the day I found a message from him in 72’s inbox. I practically had a heart attack when artists I deeply admired and extremely talented writers created on 72’s behalf. Skully, Rae, Penny, Pumpkin, Strapple, Adori, Emi, Tori, Jen, Iggy, Miru, Silly, Minty, 12 the list goes freakin on and on and still blows my mind every day. Every. Day. I remember pulling near all-nighters, sneaking on to tumblr during class, drawing whenever i had the chance… Man that’s all only a sampling.

TL;DR version: I remember  and will always remember everyone and just how happy this experience has made me. The ups and downs, good days and bad days, I cherish it all. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the ride as much as I have. It’s been a downright pleasure.

As Seuss said, and as many friends have repeated to me while I was making this decision:

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

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