Umm... what's up with Dad!72? Why do I like him a whole freakin lot and want him to take me out for ice cream and read me bedtime stories? Are you going anywhere with him? Headcannons? Daddy daddy daddy DAD DAD DAAAADDDD?!!?!?

HAHAha OHman. Disneyland trip with Dad!72, anyone?

UUmmm Dad!72’s kinda like the Loch Ness; You’ll hear stories about him and see pictures, but he doesn’t really exist.

He’s this kid’s adopted father, but he probably won’t make any actual appearances or get any real indepth story/headcanons. But since you seem so excited here’s a headcanon for the road:

He does everything he can to embarrass Ted.


  1. novimnet said: Daddy daddy daddyyyyyyyyyy are we really going to disneyland? omg *obnoxious squealing*
  2. pennydreadfuljournal said: oH GOD
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