Yo yo yo! Income’s running a little on the dry side, so I’m opening up commissions! Here are the deets:

Sketch: $5 (bust) -> $8 (fullbody) 

Lineart: $10 (bust) -> $15 (fullbody)

Shaded Lineart: $16 (bust) -> $20 (fullbody)

Full Color: $25 (bust) -> $30 (fullbody)

Additional Characters - +$6

simple backgrounds are negotiable

~Prices will vary depending on the complexity of your request~ 

Check out my art tag for more examples. [Link]

OCs are welcome! Fanart for any show/game/movie/whathaveyou also welcome! Gore totally okay! Couple/Shippy stuff? Heck yah. 

Stuff I won’t draw:

  • Animals 
  • Sexual situations
  • Robots or mecha
  • Things I’m not comfortable with (just ask and I’ll let you know)

Contact me via ask or fanmail if you’re interested. 

I only accept PayPal. Please send payments to: Coldfireangel7@yahoo.com

After you are given the go ahead, boop over to PayPal and please select “I’m sending money to family or friends” then pay using your PayPal balance or bank account, that way neither of us has to pay fees. \m/


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